I’m on Clubpenguin ^o^

Hey 🙂

So right now I am currently on Clubpenguin, I know right how long has that been?

It’s pretty boring since I’m not a member, I just can’t do much with my penguin at all.

I am currently trying to get my full Snow ninja outfit, it’s not going well…I keep dying in every game, the monsters are too strong D;

So I shall see you, when I see you 🙂

Bye :3


Hello c:

Hey there. ^.^

Please don’t kill me, I know I haven’t touched this thing in years and I mean years!

Well actually….I don’t even know how long…

Anyways, I went on Club Penguin today and I checked out the newest party, it was rpetty cool however I was bummed how the non members don’t get to win an award at the stage, it really sucks, I used to be a member but I can’t get it any more, so this really put a downer on things.

I shall hopefully try this stuff out again some time 🙂



Shall I continue?

Okay so lately I have been starting to play club penguin again, even though I am like a teenager now haha, anyways, I have been looking at this blog and thinking, shall I start posting on this blog again?

I do admit I hate how much club penguin has changed, but to be honest I do still find it enjoyable, so comment if you think I should start this blog again? 🙂


i may give up and close this blog

this blog might be closed soon.
No visitors
Bad ratings
And i dont play cp too often anymore

Sorry guys

Wierd lighthouse glitch!!

Hello fellow penguins 🙂

Well today I was strolling about the club penguin island when i found this awesome glitch!!

Take a look!!


Heres how to do this glitch: (Note: only works in the lighthouse)

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Click the lighthouse door
  3. While your penguin is waddling to the door quickly open up the map
  4. when your penguin gets inside the lighthouse it should be a big white screen!

Pretty cool huh?

Bye penguins!


I met cadence :D

Hey guys sunny here !!

Well I was just recording some clips for my new cpmv and i happened to run into cadence at the stage and the backstage bit 😀

I took some pictures 🙂 Take a look! 😀




Pretty cool huh? 😀

Well i recieved my cadence backround 🙂

This is what her player card looks like

Make sure to keep an eye out for her 🙂



Going to get this blog up and running :D

Hey guys!! 🙂

Sunny2304 here!!

Right i have decided to update this blog as often as i can now 🙂

okk 😀